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The KINKAHE Kut: What we're loving right now... Dried and faux botanicals

The KINKAHE Kut: What we're loving right now... Dried and faux botanicals

By Pegi Amarteifio     Jul-01-2021
The KINKAHE Kut: What we're loving right now... Dried and faux botanicals

I'm a massive fan of real, faux, and dried botanicals. There was once a time when I would buy myself an extravagant bunch of flowers every Friday night en route home from work. My weekend literally wouldn't begin unless I had fresh flowers in the house; it's a self-care ritual I've had for years.

Buying flowers every week does, however, add up. I once calculated my annual spend, and it blew my mind. Let's just say I could have gone on a few extra luxury trips abroad with the money I've spent over the years. A few years ago, I decided to switch things up and look for different options to feed my love of botanicals. I planted all my favourites in the garden: agapanthus, alliums, dahlias, hydrangeas, roses and more. Come spring and summer, I'm spoilt for choice with freshly cut flowers from my garden, but autumn and winter just aren't the same, plus I like the house filled with botanicals year-round. Cue my discovery of faux and dried botanicals. The market for them has vastly improved in recent years with so many more varieties on offer. Here's a Kinkahe Kut of my favourites, some of which look fabulous, displayed in our K2 vase or K5 bag (which can double up as a vase).

Undoubtedly the best on offer right now. Abigail Ahern's selection of faux botanicals is simply stunning. They’re designed by Abigail and her team and are the most real looking faux I’ve ever seen. I’ve invested a small fortune in a great variety that I can mix and match in different vases throughout the year. The good thing is they’ll last forever. Banksia Cinnamon, Savannah Grass, Melaleuca Cream and Gumnut Eucalyptus are among some of my favourite stems. From £7.50 per stem

Treated moss – My obsession with moss started after walking into a Restoration Hardware store in Atlanta. The show-stopping interiors in their showrooms deserve a whole other blog post, but one of their signature décor features is moss displayed in different vessels. Lavenders at New Covent Garden flower market sells preserved green moss, which keeps its moist texture and vibrant colour all year round. Our K11 square basket is perfect for displaying preserved moss. From £17.99 for a 500gram box – Lavenders

Dried Poppy Leaves – Wild and untamed, dried poppy leaves give a rustic touch to any decor. They last forever and don’t shed. They look particularly beautiful displayed in the Kinkahe natural-coloured vases, which are of a similar hue, making a statement all on their own. From £12.99 a pack –


Dried Eucalyptus - If you still have your Christmas Eucalyptus bunch on display, then hold onto them. Mine (pictured on the right) is from Christmas 2020 and are still going strong. Simply mix one cup of vegetable glycerine with two cups of boiling water, place in a vase and within 6 weeks, they’ll be fully preserved and serving you a delicate scent for years to come. Available from most local flower stands.